7 IN 1 Hand Crank Radio

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7 IN 1 Hand Crank Radio # CR-320 $16.09


FM / AM Radio.
Digital Clock, digital display of frequency and timing power on.
Earphone Jack and Speaker Output.
Cranking for power generation and can charge Mobile Phone or MP3 Player.
Charged in Sunlight
LED Lighting Function.


Cranking for power and powered by solar panel.
Built in Battery, no batteries are needed.
Store energy by build-in rechargeable battery.
Green, enviromental friendly, economy, safety, reuse limitlessly.
Low noise but high efficiency, low power consumption, long working time.
Digital display, convinient to handle, more accurate frequency.
Extra long antenna enhance the reception ability.
Simple outline and delicate apperance.

Weight: 1.45 Lb