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Welding is the joining of metal parts or pieces together by heating the surfaces to a stage where it is able to melt by using various tools such as electric arc, blowtorch etc and uniting them by pressing or hammering. There are various types of welding as describe below: –

– Resistance Welding entails that the extra sheet of material is utilized to cover the pieces which are to be welded together. This gives great durability to some weld however the process usually requires expensive equipment as well as the use of additional material to encase the weld which makes it expensive and not suitable for all applications.

– Laser Welding stands out as the most advanced welding technology available now-a-days. There are different categories of laser welding as high intensity lasers can be tightly concentrated and also produce adjustable heat on the surfaces to get welded at enormously speed

– Gas Welding is normally useful for} repairing works specially} for hollow items like pipes and tubes. Hot gas is required against the surfaces to get} welded. This process usually requires the parts for being subjected to less heat and is also appropriate for materials which are damaged by exposure to high temperature. Therefore, it is mostly used in the jewellery industry that has to deal with soft metal on low melting points.