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Upsetting is basically the method of working with some metal so that its length is shortened and its cross-sectional area is increased. The first and foremost way of upsetting is to heat up the rod. Then there are two methods:-

1. Place the hot end of rod on anvil and hammer on the cold end.
2. Hammer the heated part of the road and it would probably drive a nail.

Upsetting by blacksmiths is performed in an incredibly cold or hot state.
Cold upsetting is performed onto cold upsetting machines as well as presses.
Bolts and screws are made through the process of cold upsetting. Hot upsetting is done on horizontally forging devices. For example: rings, valves, forged gears and shafts are made by hot upsetting. Upsetting is distinguished from various other processes because of extraordinary efficiency and precision in the results.