The History Of Handmade Chandelier

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The earliest chandeliers were known to exist in the 14th century when only the wooden cross-forming beams were spiked to hold candles. They were only used by the riches and wealthy people.

With the improvement in technology and techniques, the chandeliers were also improved. With the use of original metals and woods, glass, and the crystals, they are now considered as a symbol or art and status.

When the gas was used for the purpose of lightening in the 1800s, the gasoliers were formed. Their function was still the same, but the candles were replaced by the gas. The usage of gas in these chandeliers continued till electricity was invented. Since then many kinds of electric bulbs are used for the purpose of lightening. The introduction of the lead glass in 1676 by George Ravenscroft who was an English glassmaker took the lightening to a new dimension. This glass work was improved by the Austrian Daniel Swarovsky and since then it has become a piece of art rather than just a lightening item. Now the emphasis has changed from the purpose of lightening to a decorative item.