The blacksmith in the Eighteenth century could create or repair almost everything of that time but perhaps his finest achievement was what is known as the American Ax. Sometime around 1700, the blacksmith included a rectangular poll on the back of ax, which further increased its weight. After that, the square poll was elongated, the […]

A blacksmith’s striker in simple words is termed as a little blacksmith. He is the one whose job is to help the professional blacksmith in all the working matters and he works like a supporting factor whose task is to swing a large sledgehammer in heavy forging operations of the blacksmith. The blacksmith may hold […]

Drawing elongates the metal by decreasing one or even both of the dimensions. If the depth is reduced or the width narrowed, that particular metal is compressed or even prolonged respectively. For example: a smith creating a chisel may flatten the steel’s square bar, lengthen the metal in his own style and decreases the level by […]

Blacksmith is someone who works with various metals to sculpt, weld, heat-treat, finish and get it to the desired shape. He creates different objects for instance gates, light fixtures, grilles, furniture, sculpture, railings, tools, agricultural implements, decorative items, cooking utensils and weapons. The world could not have become what it is now without a very […]