Hypereutectic alloys

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This type of alloy has different melting-points. Due to different melting points, it gives many products at different melting points. In between these melting points, constituents having higher melting points are solid. Likewise, there are 2 critical temperatures for hypereutectoid alloys. Upon cooling down, hypereutectoid alloys from upper transformation-temperature, excessive solutes crystallize out first and form proeutectoid. This process continuous until remaining alloys converts to eutectoid, which eventually crystallizes in to separate microstructure. There is 0.77% less carbon in the hypereutectoid steel. Upon slower cooling of hypereutectoid steel, crystallization of cementile occurs firstly. When remaining steel in the composition converts to eutectoid form, it crystallizes and takes the form of peartile. As peartile is softer than cementite, this alloy contains greater hardenability at-a-cost in ductility due to hardness of cementite.