History of Wrought Iron Gates

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In the eighteenth and the nineteenth century, more specifically the Victorian age, wrought iron was the major metal used in making of the gates and other goods of the sort; the fences, railings et cetera. During the Victorian time, building beautiful houses in a classical manner with the gardens and the pathways having iron fences as boundary wall, was quite a trend. These gardens and the walkways and even the main entrances to the houses had wrought iron gates, beautifully designed and crafted. These gates varied in designs, yet each had its own look. Wrought iron gates added a significant character to the architecture in those days. Even before the eighteenth century, wrought iron was used to make gates but it was the advancement of the Victorian age that mass production of this metal started. Thus, it became the primer raw material for making gates with unique designs and tradition that bore the look of the age itself; the grace of British customs.