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The Copper Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age gave the humanity some fantastic and beautiful ways for domestic and commercial uses. A lot of tools, weapons, building materials and some other products were invented by the utilization of these metals. Due to the general and beneficial characteristics of these metals, societies saw some excellent and developed times like the time of this century. Some general features of these metals are given.

The Copper Age

This period is called the Chalcolithic or Eneolithic Period. In this period, the use of copper became familiar. In the early days of copper use, the importance of copper tools was not enough due to stones and flint. In the start, there were some specific areas in which copper tools were used like Bulgaria, Bohemia, well known the Aegean, & southeastern Spain.

From dark and commercial constructions to home based and domestic installations, the use of copper metal was started. Copper tools and items supported Walls, roofs, doors and other building areas. The Stone Age became an old history with the passage of time after the discovery invention of copper & copper tools. Some big and populated developed areas adopted it due to its particular characteristics and specifications. Copper remained long time used product and can be saved from rusting due to its properties.


The Bronze Age

In some areas, the Bronze Age was started with Copper Age. Different cultures like Neolithic Cultures & Bell Beaker Culture adopted this metal for prestigious personal objects, private burial rites, as well as possibly latest ideological structures. This was the age that defined in these cultures about human body position during sex and grave after death. The research was conducted about that period which showed many things to learners.

In the area of Central Europe, characteristics and properties, as well as dates, are varied; these were in Early Bronze Age. During BC 1400-1800, the period was significant about its features. It was used in local crafts and display products. It was started as the valuable metal of different societies. Its tools in domestic, commercial and cultural were used. Late Neolithic phase, Corded Ware Culture and different other societies adopted this bronze. Its items were used for local and national level in various things. In this age, copper and bronze alloys were used for various tools in Europe. Different techniques were introduced in metalworking. A variety of latest working methods, for example, valve molds, cire perdue, as well as sheet-metal working were introduced. The development of different molds formed it potential both to mass-produce objects as well as to make more elaborate items, together with hollow objects. One of the most impressive objects made in this period was the lur; it was a fantastic musical instrument of great precision as well as beauty. After that Bronze Age & Iron Age criteria of sheet working eased the manufacturing of large objects, like cauldrons & shields, along with a similar working way was utilized for the boss motif of bands of increased circles that became a favored part of many Urnfield Period items for example horse harnesses & situlae. The way of decorating the tools expressed local as well as chronological fashions. Along with these, the most obvious stylistic improvements were the widespread utilization of the collected sun-bird-ship pattern of the Urnfield Culture & the afterward break in stylistic custom designated by La Tène.

It was used in official materials for example tin, ceramics, copper, gold and silver to make different items and tools. Latest functions and uses were introduced during this period. This metal introduced Swords, different warriors, armors, shields, horseback and so many new things.


The Iron Age

In the periods of Middle & Late Bronze Age, the availability of iron was searched. It was usually used for the manufacturing of knives, bimetallic items and personal ornaments with some bronze tools repairing. Its properties and characteristics were found special as compared to bronze and copper. Its use became common and frequent. Most of the tools, weapons and warriors were taken in this metal. A lot of parts of Europe adopted it quickly. It was used in the local culture for development and structural purposes. It pattern was good and easy than other metals. Flint and Stone Age was replaced by Iron Age and this item introduced some sub items. These were some important and general characteristics of metals from the start to this period. Man was introduced by a lot of outstanding items, tools and systems by these metals.