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Process of making cross peen hammer

The few important combining procedures are applied to create perfect styles required for finalized items. For instance, in order to design a cross peen hammer head the smith would do the following steps: –

1. A bar will be initiated approximately to the diameter of hammer face.

2. The handle hole will be hammered and drifted in order to put or pass a larger tool through it

3. The head of hammer will be punched and cut using a} wedge.

4. The peen will be drawn to a wedge.

5. Finally, the face would be dressed by upsetting.

Process of making Chisel

Following steps would be taken by blacksmith in order to make a chisel: –

• He will heat up the metal and cut as per the requirement.

• He will hammer it hard until it is lengthened and tend to spread in width.

• He will then turn the spread area on his side frequently and hammer it back down by proper upsetting and maintaining the correct width until it is turned into chisel.

Bending procedure of almost the strong metals is same as few important things are kept into consideration by the Blacksmith: –

• Heating up.
• Proper cutting and maintenance of dimensions.
• Making of solid bend so that it may not get broken easily.
• Upsetting and drawing to refine the shape.