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Chronology of metal age is dated back to different age systems; metal age comes after many historical periods. These historical periods along with the chronology of metal age are discussed below.

Changes were found as the time passed by, in the metals and their styles.  Use of tools and weapons are also changed as the time went on. As the division of different ages or periods of the old days, this metal age can also be categorized in iron, bronze and copper ages.

Bronze Ages

This age was of trade of long distance and the connection between different areas. Its chronology is simple as compared to Iron Age as this period is divided into primary, mid and late phases on the basis of metal associations. During this age, more metal works were found. Musical instruments were made at that time. Decoration of materials was observed. Different objects of stone and organic materials were made differently during this age. Gradually bronze objects were made in its real sense. By the invention of bronze, there came a change in the shapes of objects that affected the society and its culture. The first weapon made in this age was a sword. Although sword was used during fighting in early ages also in this age the formation of the sword was enhanced.

Iron Ages

After the Bronze Age, ornaments and weapons were steadily formed of iron. Iron soon replaced bronze and stone. The agriculture tools that were made of wood were now made of metal in iron ages. This age is very detailed and this detail makes its chronology very complex because of its cultural overview. Its chronology date back to European culture. The first phase named as Hallstatt period is dived in early and late phases and it was named after artifact in Austria. The second phase was named by the area present near the lake in Switzerland. Thousands of tools, swords and shields were found in this area yet its function is not known. The change in all these phases is characterized by the change in metal and their usage that had a significant impact on their societies and organization of culture. It is because of this history that the earlier European culture is still known.

Copper Ages

The age started for the limited use of copper in tools and also in ornaments around the Europe. Or simply one can say that this age began when the usage of copper took place i.e. in 3200 BC. In the beginning, copper was not considered as precious because of stone culture. Later on the importance of copper was recognized. And then copper was used more and more for dignity and power. The copper age was particular to some areas like Bulgaria, Bohemia and some regions of Spain.


While studying the history of metal ages, we came to know that after the invention of new equipment not only tools changed but there was a drastic change found in the culture and society of that time.