Products the Blacksmith Makes

Handmade wrought iron gates are the artistic work of a blacksmith’s mastery. It is the blacksmith whose skill to melt, mold, shape and weld the wrought iron makes the attractive gates with strength and durability.

Handmade wrought iron gates were not an exclusive luxury of the nobility. These were commonly made across Britain and used by those who fancied an attractive architecture and could afford to build such houses with iron fences and gates. These gates served both as functional gates and decors. Wrought iron is quite a strength and […]

Wrought iron gates are a British tradition dating back to the Victorian era when attractive architecture was a marked norm in the society. In those days, steel was not yet invented. Hence, the only metal available for use was iron. Wrought iron can be melted and further worked on. Thus, it was the choice for […]

In the eighteenth and the nineteenth century, more specifically the Victorian age, wrought iron was the major metal used in making of the gates and other goods of the sort; the fences, railings et cetera. During the Victorian time, building beautiful houses in a classical manner with the gardens and the pathways having iron fences […]

The earliest form of the chandelier, even it utilized candles, was very expensive, and only the powerful and the wealthy people could afford it. During the 15th century, they were mostly used in medieval churches and abbeys for lightening purposes. During the 16th and 17th centuries, these chandeliers became part of the houses of the […]

The earliest chandeliers were known to exist in the 14th century when only the wooden cross-forming beams were spiked to hold candles. They were only used by the riches and wealthy people. With the improvement in technology and techniques, the chandeliers were also improved. With the use of original metals and woods, glass, and the […]

It is a decorative light fixture that is mounted on the ceiling. They are commonly used lights for heavy lighting and decorative purposes. It illuminates the room on the principle of refraction. Today they are available in millions of beautiful designs and styles.

There are so many artists who make fire screen these days and many companies that are selling them. Their styles and beauty are just like the ones that were made in the old days by the blacksmiths but using the latest laser technology. These are made in hammered, distressed, and embellished designs that beautify your […]

Today fireplace screens are available in a variety of materials, sizes, and shapes. They not only look beautiful but could be used as a decorative item to beautify your room. Primarily, the fire screen is used to save the room from the ashes and embers, if you make use of your fireplace regularly, especially in […]

The history of the fireplace screens goes far beyond. During the 19th century horse, pole and banner screens made of wood, leather, and papier mache were commonly used. The horse screen was commonly used during the 18th century, and the name was given because of the shape. It consisted of two end frames that stood […]