Handmade Wrought iron Gates

Handmade wrought iron gates are the artistic work of a blacksmith’s mastery. It is the blacksmith whose skill to melt, mold, shape and weld the wrought iron makes the attractive gates with strength and durability. Please Follow and Share:Follow

Handmade wrought iron gates were not an exclusive luxury of the nobility. These were commonly made across Britain and used by those who fancied an attractive architecture and could afford to build such houses with iron fences and gates. These gates served both as functional gates and decors. Wrought iron is quite a strength and […]

Wrought iron gates are a British tradition dating back to the Victorian era when attractive architecture was a marked norm in the society. In those days, steel was not yet invented. Hence, the only metal available for use was iron. Wrought iron can be melted and further worked on. Thus, it was the choice for […]

In the eighteenth and the nineteenth century, more specifically the Victorian age, wrought iron was the major metal used in making of the gates and other goods of the sort; the fences, railings et cetera. During the Victorian time, building beautiful houses in a classical manner with the gardens and the pathways having iron fences […]