Process of making cross peen hammer The few important combining procedures are applied to create perfect styles required for finalized items. For instance, in order to design a cross peen hammer head the smith would do the following steps: – 1. A bar will be initiated approximately to the diameter of hammer face. 2. The […]

Punching is carried out to create an attractive metal design or to make a hole. For example: While preparing a head of hammer, the smith would hit a hole in a hefty bar or rod to the hammer handle. But it is not limited to holes and depressions. It may also include drifting, cutting and […]

Upsetting is basically the method of working with some metal so that its length is shortened and its cross-sectional area is increased. The first and foremost way of upsetting is to heat up the rod. Then there are two methods:- 1. Place the hot end of rod on anvil and hammer on the cold end. […]

Bending is a process of bending from the simple piece of metal to a particular object such as loops, hooks and chain links. It is performed using hammers and additionally anvils but it can also be done using specialize tools that make the work easier and better consistent. In bending two factors are most important: […]

Drawing elongates the metal by decreasing one or even both of the dimensions. If the depth is reduced or the width narrowed, that particular metal is compressed or even prolonged respectively. For example: a smith creating a chisel may flatten the steel’s square bar, lengthen the metal in his own style and decreases the level by […]

Forging is the soul of blacksmith’s shop in which the metal is heated until it gets to a specified temperature and becomes ductile enough to shape it with the help of equipment. The standard blacksmith’s forge has developed and become more innovative with time, however the basics haven’t changed. The most typical forging is one […]