Blacksmithing is definitely an ancient artwork, dating back a large number of years in order to when men began using horses and dealing with steel. A number of types as well as applications associated with blacksmithing can be found, including decorative work, plantation implement produce and restore, and also horseshoe forging. All the competitors possess […]

Until the 20th century, new persons were being trained by other blacksmiths using a paid apprenticeship program from the master blacksmiths. The young males took part in that program and women were only being trained as home servants. Cleaning up after all day work and putting tools away were the basic duties of apprentices. This […]

The blacksmith in the Eighteenth century could create or repair almost everything of that time but perhaps his finest achievement was what is known as the American Ax. Sometime around 1700, the blacksmith included a rectangular poll on the back of ax, which further increased its weight. After that, the square poll was elongated, the […]

The medieval period was a world of iron. The age of Bronze was over for most of the world and the age of Steel had yet to completely come. During that time, the majority of metal tools and weapons were made of this alloy of copper and tin (Bronze). It could be melted and forged […]

It was absolutely in the Iron Age when early man manufactured tools from Iron which has been produced from a certain type of rock. It took several years of learning before the blacksmiths fully understood the magnetic properties of iron. The blacksmiths throughout the old period spent a great deal of time heating as well […]

The history of iron can be identified from the eyes of ancient blacksmiths. For example: many questions are raised regarding why Iron Age could not have begun at about the same time as the early Bronze Age as it clear that blacksmiths of that time had enough information of their forging work. They could easily […]

Blacksmithing started with the Iron Age in around 1,500 B. C in what is now Syria and moved west into Europe, the moment simple when primitive man very first began creating tools and equipment from iron. The Iron Age started when some ancient people pointed out that a specific kind of rock produced iron when […]

Iron is naturally occurring and a second most abundant element on earth. It is comprised of up to 80 % earth’s core and up to 30 % of earth’s crust. It cannot be found on earth in its native form under normal conditions. It is normally found in sulfide and oxide with lot of impurities. […]

When iron ore is melted into useful metal, a specific amount of carbon is generally alloyed with the iron. The amount of carbon considerably has an effect on the properties of metal. Charcoal is almost pure carbon.               Cast Iron: – When the carbon material is more than 2%, the metal is known as […]

A blacksmith’s striker in simple words is termed as a little blacksmith. He is the one whose job is to help the professional blacksmith in all the working matters and he works like a supporting factor whose task is to swing a large sledgehammer in heavy forging operations of the blacksmith. The blacksmith may hold […]