Once the buyer has ordered a product; the seller can offer delivery up to the doorstep. The buyer is supposed to provide details to allow the shipping of the product to a place of his or her convenience. It is the responsibility of the seller to inform the buyer on how the shipping process will be conducted. The buyer needs information on who will shield the cost , in case the buyer is supposed to cater for the cost of shipping , how much will be required. The customer must also be informed of the duration or the time it will take for the package to get to the buyer’s premises, the shipping method which will be used and also explain what will happen in an event the buyer would like to return the package.


Delivering a product to different destination can vary in terms of cost, the buyer needs to get all the information from the seller regarding the cost of delivery. The seller will determine the shipping cost based on various parameters which he or she is supposed to disclose to the buyer.

Shipping Duration

Normally delivering a product to the buyer at his or her doorstep or any other convenient location relieves the buyer the burden of getting the product physically. The buyer can buy a product without considering the distance. Duration of delivery is of essence, the customer would like to get the product on time, therefore the seller should do all that is reasonably possible to ensure that there are no delays. The seller will determine how long it will take for the product to get to the buyers hand. The seller is supposed to ensure that the period is realistic and achievable.

Method of Shipping

There are several methods of shipping at disposal; the seller can use DHL, UPS, Fedex among others. The seller will determine which company to use in shipping your package. The decision will be made based on what is available in your area and at the same time the cost that a given company is willing to charge. It is worth noting that the weight of the package and the distance to be covered in the course of delivery will contribute to the cost of the shipping. The seller will do everything reasonably possible to ensure that the buyer gets the package on time and at the same time at a fee which does not increase the cost of acquiring the package. The customer will be informed by the seller what is included in the shipping fee, there is a need to know whether it includes the handling, packing fees and postage costs.

Return Fee

At times the customer may buy a product and due to one thing or another wish to return to the seller. Returning the package will normally involve shipping it to the seller’s store. This will cost some money, in the course of transaction; the seller should disclose all the information regarding the return fee.