About Us

At Timeless Metal, we stand steadfast and true to our name. The passage of time or changes in trends do not affect or influence the telling quality of services we have on the table for our much cherished clients and the clients of our metal work community. If you need anything to do with ironwork, you are at home! Whether you need a metal sculpture to add pomp and color to your interior décor or knives and axes to perform chores, we have it. What adds to the convenience is that you have a vast collection to browse from, saving you time roving from site to site in unfruitful cycles. Drawing contributors from all corners of the globe, means you also have metal gadgets from diverse tastes and cultures to pick from. And we continue attracting more and more craftsmen and women from around the world. In essence, Timeless Metal is all about metal!

At Timeless Metal, we offer a world class platform, not only for buying and selling metal crafts, but also for learning how to make your own handcrafted metal. So, if you wish to get a comprehensive grasp of metalworking, we are passionately available for you. Our business training package includes videos and blogs, which are tailored to get you on your toes about metalworking skills. In addition, Timeless Metal will sell its own kits to people that want to learn and develop their own shop at home or in their business. You will be able to sell those products on the site and we will help you do that.

Sellers have the grand opportunity to upload their pictures of their metal art to sell .  These sellers source the metal work from different directions. There are expert craftsmen who design and make their own top class metal arts and tools and place them on sale. We also have a host of others who sell metal crafts that they have inherited or bought from other sellers or designers. Both professionals and hobbyists are able to create their own custom store front on Timeless Metal and sell their own products.

As a buyer, you enjoy the opportunity of selecting the metal crafts of your desire and placing orders. You then comfortably wait for the delivery to your doorstep. You may select decorative metal arts, functional metal devices or items that traverse both aesthetics and functionality. The wide open store stocks hooks, fireplace and hearth accessories, furniture, lighting, and countless others. If you are a fan of bladesmithing, then knives, axes, armor, and a lot more sharp edged tools awaits at just one click. You also have metal jewelry to adorn your attire.

Other services we offer include job search and service search tools.  The store also includes metalwork tools and supplies. Ironworking inquiries can be found within the directory, forum, and blog. Ironwork is our way and we lead the pack in pulling unbelievable jobs for metalwork enthusiasts!