Job Budget
$50.00 - $200.00
This job open for
Must be completed by
December 31, 2020
Hello Timeless Artist, Timeless Metal wants to offer you an opportunity to be paid to make items for our store and we will share the profits with you.   This is a great time to maybe learn something new, stay busy in your shop, fill free time and make some extra cash.   Please review the items we post for commission and respond to these listings.   Here is a classical twisted hook all customers and households love to place. We will pay $10 per hook and will also pay 25% of the profit to you once sold on Timeless Metal.   Dimensions Made with 3/8" Hot Rolled Square Bar 5" Long 1" Hook 1" Twist   Directions:  1. Make 3" taper with point. 2. Make scroll for hook end. 3. Bend hook around 1" round tool. 4. Cut straight end at 5" from bottom of hook. 5. Hammer round shouldered mount. 6. Drill or punch a 3/16" hole in the mount. 7. Twist center of hook 1" 8. Brush and Oil - Linseed oil or Beeswax 9. Ship to Timeless Metal - Shipping Address will be shown upon payment when project is accepted by artist.

You will need to have these skills:


March 22, 2017