Handmade Fireplace Screens

There are so many artists who make fire screen these days and many companies that are selling them. Their styles and beauty are just like the ones that were made in the old days by the blacksmiths but using the latest laser technology. These are made in hammered, distressed, and embellished designs that beautify your […]

Today fireplace screens are available in a variety of materials, sizes, and shapes. They not only look beautiful but could be used as a decorative item to beautify your room. Primarily, the fire screen is used to save the room from the ashes and embers, if you make use of your fireplace regularly, especially in […]

The history of the fireplace screens goes far beyond. During the 19th century horse, pole and banner screens made of wood, leather, and papier mache were commonly used. The horse screen was commonly used during the 18th century, and the name was given because of the shape. It consisted of two end frames that stood […]

A fireplace screen sheet is basically used to act as a protective sheet between the person and the fireplace and to save them from the flames. These are like flat panels mounted on attached and adjustable feet. Nowadays the decorative materials such as the glass, metal or wires are used to make it. They look […]